İngilizce Türkçe


Lean roasted in special ovens, helps weight loss, fully healthy roasted snacks with the using From the fertile lands of Anatolian turkish origin chickpeas that entirely produced by conventional farming and , chemical fertilizers and GMO free

Our Product Range ; All size of yellow roasted chickpeas ,white roasted chickpeas, coated with milky chocolate roasted chickpeas, coated with coffee and chocolate roasted chickpeas, double roasted chickpeas, coated with honey and sesame roasted chickpeas , double roasted white chickpeas , coated with honey and poppy seeds roasted chickpeas, crispy roasted chickpeas, white crispy roasted chickpeas,coated with special anatolian paste, honey and sesame roasted chickpeas ,coated with cips spicy roasted chickpeas , with the tomato sauce roasted chickpeas and other type of roasted chickpeas

Have you ever taste Turkish roasted chickpeas before ? Do you miss the old flavors ?

KONUKLAR BAKLIYAT brings old tastes to the your food again.

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